The Peacock Mandap

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The Peacock Mandap: A Symbol of Beauty, Love, and Happiness

A Peacock Base Fiberglass Mandap is a type of wedding mandap that is made of fiber material and has a peacock-shaped base or stand. A wedding mandap is a sacred canopy or platform where the bride and groom perform the rituals and vows of the Hindu wedding ceremony. It is usually the focal point of the wedding venue, and represents the four goals of life: dharma (duty), artha (prosperity), kama (passion), and moksha (salvation).

How to Make Your Peacock Mandap Shine

Peacock Base Fiberglass Mandap is a beautiful and elegant design that can add a touch of grace and charm to any wedding. It is inspired by the peacock, which is a symbol of beauty, love, and happiness in Indian culture. The peacock base or stand can be decorated with colorful feathers, crystals, flowers, or lights to create a stunning effect. The mandap can have four or six pillars to support the structure, which can be adorned with drapes, curtains, or panels. The mandap can also have a dome or roof to cover the canopy, which can be embellished with motifs, patterns, or designs.

Why You Should Choose This Mandap

This mandap is a versatile and customizable design that can suit any theme and color of the wedding. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be used for indoor or outdoor weddings. It is durable, light-weight, and eco-friendly, and can be reused for multiple events. This mandap can make any wedding memorable and magical, with its unique design and charm. This mandap is not just a structure, but a symbol of love, harmony, and happiness.

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Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions62 × 56 × 12 cm


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